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The gift with a personal touch

While it may be incredibly tempting and easy to gift all of your friends and family the exact items you heard them name-drop this year, thinking outside the box is often how the best gifts come about. Whether they’re sentimental or personally customized, veering away from “the list” always pays off.

And oftentimes, it makes it a bit easier for you if you’re shopping for a lot of people. Customizable gifts make the receiver feel special while taking some of the pressure off of you.

One of the most popular personalized gift items is jewelry. Whether it’s a zodiac-related ring, earrings with their birthstones, or bracelets with significant coordinates, customizing jewelry is an easy yet special gift to give this holiday season. Also with dainty layering necklaces being as big as they are (and will continue to be for the foreseeable future) why not give a gift that says “you’re special to me” to the fashion-obsessed gal on your list?

Chances are, she’s buying herself the seasons hottest sweater or boots anyway. From Etsy shops to local boutiques, finding customizable thin necklaces is almost as easy as finding white sneakers these days.

Customize the piece with the receiver’s name, coordinates to a favorite spot (like a college, hometown, or vacation), meaningful lyrics, or even morse code to a relevant word (like ‘sister’ or ‘forever’). Not only will they be able to wear the gift with virtually any outfit, but they’ll be reminded of your kind and thoughtful gesture each time they see it.