We love keeping our go to stuff in our purse, but some items are too personal and should be left at home. A purse is designed to carry all your necessities, but that doesn’t mean you should carry every possible personal item in your purse. Here are some things you should never put into your purse if you want to stay confidential.

The first thing you should never leave in your purse is a list of passwords. You might be thinking do people really make a list of all their passwords and keep them in their purse? The President of the Identity Theft Resource Center warns people not to carry written copies in their purse. Stay modern and keep all of your passwords on your smartphone and you can use a password protected app for your most important passwords.

Another thing you shouldn’t keep in your bag is a laptop. Though it may be convenient to just slip it in… it does a lot of damage to your back and shoulders and your neck and spine as well. Instead, carry your laptop to avoid long-term health issues. It will also lower the chances of your laptop getting stolen or accidentally breaking.

Social Security cards are important, but their best kept at home. It’s not something you want to put in your purse or wallet because if it gets stolen… your identity will too.

The last thing you should never keep in your purse is full-size makeup and hair products. It’s better if you stick with travel sizes to lighten the load and keep things easier! We don’t always have pockets, but when we have a purse… we want to make sure what we put in is safe if stolen!