If you know Blake Lively, you probably know that the actress has an amazing fashion sense and style! Most famously known for her role on “Gossip Girl,” her style on the show was just as good as her keen fashion-sense off set. Over the years, her style has gotten better and better, so here’s a recap of her best looks.

In 2005, Blake was known for her soft in innocent looks including Lively’s style for her appearance on the Teen Choice Awards in a little yellow mini dress with beach waves. Another time she showed off her flattering sense of style was at the Linea Pelle 20th anniversary party where Blake wore a little floral style mini dress.

In 2007 at the Tiffany and Co. blue book collection launch, Lively wore her ever so famous up-do hairstyle that she carries on today, wearing a simple yet elegant dress.

In 2008, Blake made a statement that she loves Juicy Couture for there cozy cashmere sweaters and great winter coats. She stayed true to that statement by rocking tons of tracksuits! During the same year, Blake wore an unforgettable black Chanel outfit at the Chanel fine jewelry event!

In 2009, Blake rocked a red plunging neckline jumpsuit at the Emmy awards show. It was her most daring look yet since usually stuck with simple elegant outfits.

One of her most unforgettable ensembles was her look for the Costume Institute gala in 2014 where she rocked a sparkling dress and cape. Blake has had so many memorable looks, and it safe to say that actress has many more to come!