Glitter make-up is really one of those love it or hate it trends, and we are proud to say that in the right circumstances we love glitter make-up. It can add a youthful punch of fun to your look that is impossible to ignore.  Glitter eye shadow is probably the most common way of rocking this trend, but we have also seen glitter blush, mascara and lipstick.  The range of glitteration is pretty wide, with some make-up offering little flecks of glitter, while others look like they have been infused with diamond dust. The key to making this trend work for you is moderation and being sure you use glitter shades that complement and don’t compete with your skin and eye color.

If you want to try out a simple subtle version of this trend, look for black glitter infused eye liner or mascara. Wearing a darker less obvious product like one of these will allow you to try out the glitter make up trend in an understated way. Once you’ve established that this is a trend for you, look for bolder eye shadows colors like hot pink, emerald green and midnight blue. As for the lips we recommend keeping the glitter paired with neutral or lightly colored hues, like blush pinks and creamy nudes.  This will ensure that the glitter lipstick stays wearable and casual instead outlandish.

Try The Trend Tips

Get ready to get glittery with this latest make up trend, here are a few tips to keep your look chic and sexy.

Be sure to blend the glitter very well, nothing looks worse than a glob of glitter on your eyes or worse you your lips.

Set your glitter make up with a setting spray, this will keep the glitter on your face and off your clothing.

If you are apprehensive about wearing glitter on your face you could also opt for a glitter mani or pedi instead.