If you’re a tomboy or find yourself dressing like a tomboy occasionally, you know how comfortable it can be. Skinny jeans, a cardigan, and some sweet loafers sound like a perfect outfit for most of us because it’s easy but sometimes can lack femininity. Luckily, adding a feminine touch is incredibly easy and we have some tips that can help.

Add a pop of color. Typically, tomboy style includes lots of dark and neutral colors like navy, beige, grey, etc. and can make you look a bit drained. Use a vibrant color on your lips like red or Boudreaux for a season appropriate lip.

Feminine shoes. While loafers are arguably one of the most comfortable shoes out there, it’s something we’ve borrowed from the boys. If you’re wearing a 2-piece suit, consider wearing a great pair of high heels. It reminds others that you’re still a woman despite looking better than a man in men’s suit.

Jewelry. One thing guys can’t take away from us is wearing and stacking jewelry like a pro. Stack you’re favorite rings or wear your favorite thin necklace to add a bit of sparkle to your look.

Don’t forget about your hair. Say you’re not in the mood for red lipstick or wearing high heels. No worries, your hair can also be a great way to add that feminine touch your outfit is lacking. We love a good loose side braid that looks wispy and undone and that’ll take no-time to do.

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(Cover image: Grazia Italia)