Great foundation is the basis of any great makeup look so learning how to get it right is really important. You can’t be flawless without a flawless application but sometimes you just need a little help to make it look right. Luckily for you, we have some tips that will make your foundation look great in person as well as in your next selfie.
Try out these tips for flawless foundation.
Exfoliate. If you want smooth looking skin under your foundation, it’s important to smooth out the surface first by buffing away dead skin. Use your favorite exfoliator and follow with a moisturizer to hydrate properly. Your skin will look instantly radiant.
Use a foundation tool. While applying foundation with your fingers gives you a more natural look, it doesn’t do much for making your application look even. Use a flat top, dense makeup brush for even application. You can pat your skin afterwards with clean hands to make it look more natural if you’d like.
Powder oily areas only. A big mistake that many women make is applying too much powder and all over the face. Powder should be applied to the areas that tend to get oily because that’s where the foundation is sure to melt off. Leave that other areas free of powder as they will naturally hold the makeup longer due to lack of moisture.
Remove excess foundation from areas that crease. Foundation tends to look more obvious in areas that crease because it gathers in one spot. Remove some of the foundation from areas like laugh lines and crow’s feet to avoid creasing.