Confidence is key when it comes to any outfit. You can easily feel empowered by adding a special element that is truly unique to your look. You can achieve it by finding your true style and really defining it. Everyone should be able to feel beautiful in there fit no matter what, and here’s how to do it.

First is finding out who your style spirit is. Maybe there is a certain icon that you look up to or take inspiration from. Maybe you’re a little Kendall Jenner with a dash of Beyoncé, and just sprinkle of Gigi Hadid. You can search fashion favorites and find what you are most drawn to.

You also want to take pictures of what you find the most appealing to you. Whenever you feel you’re in a look you really love, you can take a picture of it so you have it for future inspiration. It’s also very important to describe the pieces you are drawn to. To really figure out your style, ask yourself… is it modern, classy, trendsetting, bohemian, chic or girly?

It’s also a good idea to find a signature piece that is “your thing.” Audrey Hepburn was known for her ballet shoes, high-neck sweaters, and crop pants. Every fashionable gal has their own few signature items that becomes a part of their image. It can be as simple or as memorable as you want it to be!

Finally, know yourself. You truly have to trust your instincts and know what makes you feel like the best version you can be. Everyone has a winning style for them, you just have to find it and embrace it!