Not too long ago the skull print was considered to be a fashion faux pas, but now-a-days you’ll find this sexy, Gothic print just about anywhere. This trend has permeated through every aspect of fashion and even made its way into the realm of interior design.  So how exactly did this once tacky pattern become such a hit with celebrities, designers and everyday fashionistas. Well we think it has something to do with the mysterious, edgy and spooky element that a skull print piece of clothing or a skull adorned accessory can bring to an outfit. Overall we are huge fans of skull print, in large quantities like on dresses, leggings and rompers. We also favor little hints of the skull trend like on rings, clutches or pendent necklaces.

For a bold and brazen way to rock the skull print trend we suggest pairing a mini dress with skull print leggings. This look is perfect for a fall date, since your legs well be kept warm by the leggings, but they will still get all the attention because of the eye catching skull print.  If you are in favor of a more docile way to wear this trend, one of our favorite style options is to pair a blazer with a skull print neon scarf. Because of the neon and the skull print this look is still bold, but since the scarf is such a tiny accessory it won’t overpower your look.

Try The Trend Tips

Ladies, if you need a few helpful hints on how to rock the skull print trend look no further because below you’ll find out exactly what you need to know about wearing skull print.

Avoid looking like something out of a Halloween movie, don’t make common mistakes like pairing black skull print with orange, and don’t wear more than one skull themed item at a time, unless its two small accessories like a ring and a pair of earrings.

Sometimes less is more with this trend, so always consider taking the simple route and opting for understated skull adorned pieces.