According to Maria Kondo, when you look at your properties and you ask yourself this question; do this or that spark any joy at the present place or time? If not then, there is a need for re-arrangement or re-organization. Maria Kondo who is a Japanese cleaning consultant created the Kondo cult.

They are believers of the fact that changing the way you tidy or organize things could ultimately change your life for the better. The much revered Japanese cult of de-cluttering and organizing things apply to many situations and your gym clothes are not an exception. The basic procedures are as follows:

For Your Shirt
Firstly, you spread it out on a very flat and clean surface like a carefully laid mattress.  Then push one hand inside to the front and the face it downward. Then do the same for the second hand until it looks like a handless man or a man with hands not extending out of his body but straight downward.

You then reduce the width of the shirt. Afterwards, you can fold the edges a bit and finally fold the whole cloth vertically to make it rectangular or square shaped with its buttoned neck showing on the cloth surface. Note that you have to button it up before starting if it’s a cloth/shirt with buttons.

For The Trouser
You spread it on a clean surface just like you did the shirt. Then close the two legs like a soldier on attention. Finally, you fold it up with ease to look like a rectangular shaped piece of apparel. The socks involve the folding up of socks vertically into two and repeating the same procedure until it is almost rectangular in shape.

The Marie Kondo Japanese style is one of the most accepted and widely acclaimed methods of arrangement and it’s applicable to many things. Its sole aim is to help in arranging and de-clustering properties to create a neat and energizing environment.