Ariana Grande Goes From Music Artist To Spokesmodel

No one could ever argue that Ariana Grande is a superstar in many aspects of her life. She doesn’t play by the rules, doing things like taking her career into her own hands and dropping an unexpected follow-up album to her first album in years, Sweetener.

For quite some time, she was the most-followed profile on Instagram, and she has shared with us much of her hardship, such as the loss of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. She has a distinct style–a sleek, long, high pony–that she has only recently started to stray from, such as with the images of her long, platinum blonde hair.

And while her life is ruled by everything she does and not just her looks, her stardom is part of the reason she is now the face of Givenchy. Givenchy is a luxury fashion brand that will now use Ariana as the face of its pieces for the 2019 fall and winter campaign.

She has expressed her thrill in being selected to work with the brand, which we will get a chance to see in July 2019. She is excited to use her influence to allow people to feel the joy and confidence she feels when wearing the company’s pieces.

For more information on Ariana Grande’s upcoming Givenchy collaboration, take a look at the video above.