(Photo Credit: Walter Pierre)

It may seem Zara is a bit behind the times as they have only recently hired their first plus-size model, and that’s because they are, but at least they are making an effort in hiring one now, right?

The answer is more like maybe.

Zara did recently hire model Jill Kortleve, who posted a picture on her Instagram account on August 15th thanking Zara for the opportunity when they hired her as one of their first curvier model. But as soon as she did, Twitter users were quick to express their outrage that she was hired to represent plus-size women within their brand. While inclusivity is a wonderful thing, Kortleve is a visibly petite woman.

Many people suggested that Zara suggesting that this woman is plus size is the type of mindset that causes women to develop eating disorders. It has also been suggested that this type of mindset is moving us backward in both the fashion community and as a whole, when we should instead be moving toward inclusivity.