When a couple of days pass since your last blowout and your hair looks flat, shiny, and limp, you have oils to thank. Although they can be beneficial, too much of a good thing can really make your locks look bad, especially dirty. And can we mention the, ahem, smell?

If you’re hair looks like it needs to be washed ASAP but you still want a little more mileage out of your do, try out these oily hair fixes.


Blow dry your hair. If you take a good look at your hair when it’s oily, it’s pretty much all concentrated at the roots. To evenly distribute the oils and get the bonus of extra volume, blow dry your hair in an upwards motion. Use a boar brush from roots to tip in an upwards motion as well afterwards to help the distribution look more even.

Apply dry shampoo. If your hair still looks a bit too flat, spray or dust in some dry shampoo. To make it look natural, don’t apply it too close to the roots and massage the product in. Avoid using a brush as it will bring your hair down.

Serum. While blow drying the hair will help with distributing oils, sometimes it’s not enough. To balance them out, take a bit of your favorite serum or treatment oil and apply it to the ends.

When all else fails, backcombing will do the trick. We’re not all blessed with thick hair so, if even after doing all of this, your thin hair still looks flat, put in a little bit of elbow grease and backcomb. Don’t forget the hair spray, too!

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