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The queen of fashion is inspiring others in quarantine

Nothing can stop the driving force of the actor and singer turned fashion icon, Billy Porter, even the coronavirus (COVID-19). Billy Porter started the #BillyPorterFashionChallenge on Instagram for fans to re-create his iconic red carpet looks to entertain fans in quarantine for COVID-19.

Let’s just say that this fashion challenge is bringing couture and red carpet fashion to your living room. Here are a couple of amazing “lewks”:

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Day 14: Hell of days. Beau was a major handful today. When his bp is not under control he doesn’t feel great and his norepinephrine level shoots up- one time it was like 10 times higher than it should have been and his medical team was convinced he had to have a tumor on he’s adrenal gland- he didn’t. It’s just how he’s made. Sometimes his body gets stuck in paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity, which basically means his nervous system is stuck in fight or flight mode. It’s bad, and he feels really bad, and he looks really bad and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it but try to knock him out and hope he wakes up reset. He’s on a combination of 6 different blood pressure medications, and on good days things are easy, on bad days the counter looks like a pharmacy and Beau won’t keep his pants on. Today was a no pants day. Beau struggled for the first half of the day, but he did recover just in time for him to participate in #billyporterfashionchallenge which he was so excited about. Being outside in the front yard was fun, it was raining a little bit but nothing will stop him from striking a pose. Oh Beau. #specialneeds #neurodiversity #icandoallthings #beau

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#billyporterfashionchallenge ACCEPTED! Watch this 2019 @themetgalaofficial recreation stainless-steal the show! Her custom “Quaranture” is entitled “SilverWear”, an ode to eating– currently one of the only joys left in the new quarantine lifestyle. The hallway-ready lewk is a custom @oldnavy bodysuit, bejeweled with @swarovski forks and knives, outfitted with 5-foot accordion-shelved wings from @thecontainerstore + @swiffer, a silver headpiece by #ReynoldsWrap, with bespoke fitting provided by @skims + @3M duct tape. Makeup by @partycity. “One of the most daring looks of the night and I’m not just talking about the knives,” said @ryanseacrest of @enews. @damemudd cites @theebillyporter as a true inspiration. “He forkin kills it every time he steps onto the red carpet.” “The look shows that fashion is pain and we for one, are eating it up.” reported @voguemagazine.

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