(Photo Source: Gisou/standardsmagazine.com)

Putting the bee in beauty

Honey is for more than eating and one of the best uses of honey can be found in beauty products with remarkable benefits for hair care. One beauty brand is bringing attention to bees with their beauty products, Gisou.

Cofounder of Gisou, Negin Mirsalehi, drew inspiration for the beauty brand from her family’s six generations of passion for beekeeping, growing up in a home with a beekeeper for a father and a hairdresser for a mother. While her mother was training she didn’t like any of the products on the market at the time and started to experiment in making her own products with the goal of using as many natural ingredients possible.

One thing Mirsalehi’s mother knew for sure is that she would use her husband’s honey as the key ingredient for their natural properties being rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Honey also protects hair from heat damage and helps to strengthen your locks maintaining the ideal natural moisture balance.

Mirsalehi’s mother created several formulas for hair care products over the years with her favorite go-to product being a homemade hair oil made from her father’s honey. This led to Mirsalehi featuring the Honey Infused Hair Oil as the first product in the Gisou collection.

Gisou offers a line of honey-infused products to moisturize and condition hair including hair perfume, hair oil, conditioner, hair wash, and hair mask. Mirsalehi uses the hair oil daily and it can be used in several ways.

They also offer a line of propolis infused products that utilizes the natural fortifying ingredient that adds texture and volume, retaining moisture while preventing split ends and breakage. They offer propolis infused products including primer, heat protecting spray, and texturizing wave spray.

Gisou also offers combination sets that are great for gifts for yourself and your friends that appreciate a natural-based beauty product.