Spring is right around the corner and we’re sure you’re ready to bring out all of your warmer-weather pieces including lighter colors. If you’re an expert at avoiding getting stains on yourself, you’ll whip out those white jeans and wear them like a pro. We love them because you can wear them so many different ways and taking them from day to night is super easy.

Looking for some tips on transitioning those white jeans from day to night? Take note of these tips and you’ll be able to wear white jeans from brunch to a girl’s night out.

whitejeansShoes make all of the difference. When figuring out what shoes to wear during the day, the heel and color tend to dictate what’s appropriate. During the day, you can go for either flats or heels but try going for lighter colors like pastels or nudes. When going out for nighttime fun, darker, richer colors like black, navy, or deep shades of red look best.
Choose your top accordingly. For day time, a nice denim button-down pairs well with white jeans but for the evening, it’s best to switch out the top for something a bit more flirty or even something that you can consider a statement piece like an embellished top. It really depends on where you’re heading to but you want to wear something a bit more dressy at night.
Accessorize. When it comes to jewelry, the rules are simple: bring out the big guns at night. Although bib necklaces can be beautiful, they’re better resevered for the evening. Dainty jewelry is best during the day as it compliments the understated color that is white better.
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