Plaid is one of the prints that most people like to wear even if they aren’t big fans of prints to begin with. It’s casual and can be worn with anything from skinny jeans to a full midi skirt so wearing your favorite plaid shirt is pretty easy. You can wear it day and evening so long as you have the right style tips to wear it best.

greenplaidOne of the most understated colors for plaid is green and today we’re going to give you a few style ideas on how you can wear this earthy-colored plaid print.
Paired with skinny jeans. Most plaid shirt are a combination of colors like green, blue, and black. To make sure your jeans match your shirt, choose one of the colors from your shirt and match the color to your jeans. Depending on what your feet are comfortable, you can pair with some dark colored pumps or even nude to balance out the strong colors in your outfit.
With a midi skirt. The combination of super casual and super chic is always a win. Got a
green midi skirt that you’re not sure what to pair with? Try it with your green plaid shirt. Paired with some solid-colored strappy heels and you’re ready for brunch or happy hour. Works great with a white skirt as well.
With white dress pants. Take that casual shirt to the next level by pairing it with some white dress pants. Depending on the material of the shirt, you can even wear the combo to an evening event and look super polished. It’s more of a tomboy chic look but if paired with pointed pumps, you’ll knock the look out of the park.

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