Jumpsuits are trending this season and we couldn’t have picked a more versatile piece. It’s a top and bottoms all in one and can look indredibly chic when styled the right way. The best part is that you can wear it from running daytime errands or work to going to meeting up with the hottie that asked you on a date for dinner. Solid colored jumpsuits tend to be easier to work with but prints work equally as well.

Taking a jumpsuit from day to night is super easy and if you need some help on how to do it, here are some tips you can try:

jumpsuitFor work. Solid, dark colors tend to be the best for work so go with a jumpsuit in black or a dark navy blue. These two colors work great as a foundation for other pieces and brighter colors. Most jumpsuits tend to have some exposure around the chest area and, if that’s the case with your jumpsuit, opt for a white button-down shirt underneath. It covers everything while adding some formality to your attire. Pair with some pointed pumps and some dainty gold jewelry (for warmth) and you’re ready to be the chicest girl in the office.
For daytime activities. Jumpsuits don’t always have to be formal if you style them the right way. Shoes play a big part in determaining the time of day the attire is being worn so for day time, wear your comfiest sneakers. Just be sure that both colors match well with each other because their still needs to be some balance. Throw on a leather jacket or even a denim jacket and you’re off to conquer the day.
For evening. Wearing your jumpsuit in the evening is all about everything except the jumpsuit. Because your top and bottoms are already picked out, its important to pick out the right jewelry and shoes to make it look like evening attire. Jewelry should be kept at a minimum since your jumpsuit is doing most of the talking so dainty jewelry works best. For shoes, heels are the best way to go and a good way to introduce some color. If you go for a color like red, magenta, or burgundy, you can also match your lip color to it to complete the look.
To see additional ways you can wear a jumpsuit, check out the videos above.
(Cover image: le21eme.com)