When you’re the Duchess of Cambridge it’s safe to say when you travel and even when you’re at home for that matter you have to always dress to impress…even though Kate Middleton is a natural and doesn’t have to try to hard to do so! With that being said, Kate recently took a trip to India and she turned all he locals and those watching.


That’s right, while Kate was in India she played a round of Cricket and everyone gathered to watch. And of course she wore nothing but the best a green and pink designer classic dress that we just can’t get enough of and neither could anybody else. That’s right; after she wore that dress to play Cricket the dress not only sold out online, the designer’s website actually crashed from so many people trying to view the same page…so if you’re looking to purchase the same dress as Kate Middleton you might want to get in line! For more details be sure to check out the video above.