Wearing brighter colors during the winter used to be something of a faux pas but in the last couple of years it’s becoming a lot trendier and widely accepted. During the winter, darker colors usually reign as they fit the season a better and overall feel of shorter and darker days. Although the colors do match the season better, wouldn’t we want to do the opposite by bringing color to the darker months? Luckily wearing pastel colors is a trend that will brighten the winter as well as your mood.

If you need a few ideas on how you can wear pastel during the winter, keep on reading.

PastelwinterStart small. Although pastel colors aren’t necessarily strong, they’re still bright and make a statement. If you don’t feel completely confident wearing a full on pastel ensemble, start with a small piece like a top or a sweater. Pair the pastel piece with something darker like a black skirt or pants to bring balance to your look.
A pastel winter coat. Pastel blue, pink, and even yellow coats can be found everywhere and come in all lengths– long and oversized being the most popular. It’s great as a statement coat but really helps take your look to the next level. If you’re a pastel newbie, you’re best bet is to stick to blue as it’s a good transition shade of pastel. When you feel more confident, go for the pinks, yellows, and greens.
Go full-out pastel. Going full-out pastel isn’t as scary or difficult as it looks. To achieve the look, if you’re wearing separates, make sure that one piece is darker and the other lighter. It makes the look more complex than just having everything being the exact same color. The same can be done if you are wearing a pastel dress and matching shoes or coat on top.
If you want to see more on how you can rock pastels during the winter, check out our video playlist above.
(Image courtesy of thefashiontag.com)