September is one of the busiest times of the year for many people as it’s one of the top wedding months. If you have a friend or two that are getting married, you’re surely already have picked out what you’re going to wear. But have you planned for wardrobe malfunctions that may occur?

Because loose buttons and nip slips happen, prepare a fashion emergency kit that will save you no matter what the occasion is.

Double stick tape. There’s nothing more embarrassing than accidentally showing your chest area to a bunch of people you just met. If you plan on wearing something low cut or daring, use some double stick tape to prevent anyone from catching a glimpse.

Mini sewing kit. This one pretty much explains itself. It’s good for sewing on any buttons or even zippers that may come undone as well as sewing together any rips.

Wrinkle releaser. Wrinkle releaser is good for 3 things: getting rid of static, providing a refreshing scent, and, of course, getting rid of wrinkles. Keep this in your kit and you won’t have to worry at all.

Clear polish. If there’s one thing you’ll thank us later about, it’s definitely clear polish. It’s great as an adhesive of all sorts from fixing ripped tights to gluing on a button. If sewing isn’t your thing, clear nail polish will be.

Tide To-Go. When you have a glass of wine or two with your food, it’s only a matter of time before either of those end up your dress. This pen helps to remove most stains so if you’re a bit clumsy like us, this will be a lifesaver.

Safety pins. Another alternative to the sewing kit are safety pins. If you lost the button that helps the back of your dress stay together, use a pin or two and you’ll be on your way to the dance floor again.

Lint roller. To maintain your dress looking super clean and perfect, carry a travel size lint roller. It’s tiny enough to fit in most clutches and inexpensive as well.

Protein bar. Sometimes you go to a special event and for whatever you can’t or won’t eat the food there. Carry your favorite protein bar and say goodbye to being “hangry” all night long.

Pain reliever. This should be kept not only in fashion emergency kits but pretty much any purse or clutch that you carry. Headaches or other types of pains can occur at any time and can really take a toll on having a good time. Do yourself a favor and keep a few of these in your kit.
(Cover image: Sephora)