David says he knows two things well: fashion, and life in the slums. Now he’s turning two into one. David Ochieng used to sketch clothing, and then he would take the sketch to the tailor, who would make the outfit for him. However, the tailors never used to do what he wanted, so he decided to do it himself. David was born and raised in Kibera slums, but on the streets, people call him Avido – his street or stage name. Having lived in the Kibera slums for the past 22 years, David calls the place home. He considers his fashion style “street style”. African fabric does not use just one texture, but it combines many textures brought together.

David says the patterns are motivated and inspired by different types of things – nature, volcanoes, and water, which is unique. When David first started designing clothing, he did not even know how to stitch, so it was a big challenge for him to learn the trade, as well as fashion and design. David is trying to implement the style he has learned from the street and combine it with professional style to come up with something that is “legit and authentic”. With his artistic style through his outfits, he tries to portray that even though clothes come from the streets, they can also be worn by the outside world. He is motivated by the knowledge that clothes that come from Kibera can be worn worldwide.