Should this new trend be saved for the tracks? This is definitely a unique trend inspired by NASCAR… and we do have to say that we love a good race. So many designers recently have been taking this idea to their own brands and giving it a test drive for themselves.

With the newest spring collection from Tommy Hilfiger, inspired by his upbringing near the Watkins Glen race tracks in upstate New York, inspired him to come up with this idea to always pursue your drive. We have already seen celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin trying this look out. It is definitely an athleisure styled trend with fashion gals embracing the NASCAR inspired look by mixing it with street style apparel. Because of the trend, checker prints are everywhere as well as leather Moto jackets. So here are a few NASCAR inspired pieces to put your wardrobe into a full throttle.

The first thing you can try is a pair of checkered shoes. A classic pair of comfy slip on’s and you will be ready to take on anything. Another thing to try out as a pair of striped trousers and A classic NASCAR baseball hat. It gives a comfy and cute look at the same time and especially great if you’re having a bad hair day! Also, all American colors are great for this trend so any red, white and blue you have is perfect! Visors are also great to add to any outfit as well as anything leather.

Everything with stripes and checkers is the rage for this trend and will make you look 10 times faster! Confidence is key for trying out unique trends like this and you can certainly customize this outfit however you want and be able to stay in your own lane!