When it comes to fashion, there is one person who knows it all too well. She gets inspired from the littlest things in life and when it comes to her workspace she expects nothing less than a creative environment. Meet Tory Burch a fashion designer that is changing the fashion industry with her effortless style and see how her office space is helping her creative style thrive.


When Tory walks into her studio she can’t help but to be inspired. It’s a place where people can come and feel safe. A room resembling her house, Tory is far from a minimalist. Working in a more eclectic kind of way her studio defiantly reflects that.

When taking a look around he office you can find anything from pictures of her family to things from her travels. She even has hanging a sign made by her son when she won the CFD Award saying how surprised he was that he beat Michael Kors and Mark Jacobs.

Tory Burch

When Tory asked how she would describe herself she says she is interesting and functuay and she has been since the very beginning. From 3 employees to 3,200 Tory says she is more than proud of her accomplishments. How could she not be! For more information and facts about Tory, be sure to check out the video above.