(Photo Source: aeworld.com)

Kate Hudson is taking on the challenge of creating a sustainable fashion industry

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry. Everyone loves fashion, but no one really considers the effect that fashion has on the world and the environment. But Kate Hudson is doing her part to make sure that the word gets out about fashion and the environment impacts and even doing her part to make a difference.

The fashion industry has always taken its lumps. From using real fur to chemicals used in dyes that poison water sources, the fashionistas have always had to adapt and adjust to the feelings of people and the state of society. Kate Hudson is working to make that change permanent and showing us that fashion doesn’t have to cost us our future.

Kate Hudson’s message is simple: The fashion industry needs to reduce waste. In a recent interview with Stella Magazine, Kate Hudson remarked, “I love fashion and I always have, but the more you get involved in it, the more you see how irresponsible the industry has been with waste.” Her message is that of simplicity. Fashion doesn’t need to be more to be luxurious or beautiful. Responsible can be beautiful with added good conscious points.

To combat the recent waste, Kate Hudson is launching her own environmentally friendly clothing line, HappyxNature, that features sophistication and style while also being environmentally conscious with a natural feel.