Allow us be the first to wish you Merry Christmas in advance. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we have different trends popping up as the day goes by. From Christmas tree inspired hair and Christmas tree inspired makeup, one thing is certain, and that is that there is no stopping to these trends. 

This Christmas season has seen more beauty trends than others. While some are great others are outrageous and definitely insane. This makes them so unique and as clearly grabbed our attention. The beauty trends this Christmas season cuts across fashion,hair, makeup, etc. The trends this season definitely beats the record of previous years.

One insane Christmas beauty trend this season as to do with makeup. So pretty much the colors that represent Christmas are largely green, red and white and ladies have found a way to infuse these colors in there makeup.

That isn’t even the insane part. The part that is outrageous is the Christmas tree eyeshadow. Yes you read that right. This Christmas season we have seen ladies apply eyeshadow in form of a Christmas tree with the colors and perfect application. Talk about mind-blowing.

Another mind blowing beauty trend this season is in line with fashion. Huge head wraps (which is of course inspired by Christmas) and the Christmas tree dress. The dress is simply styled in form of a Christmas tree and some ladies go the extra mile to get balls and lights and attach it to the dress. We guess they don’t need a Christmas tree afterwards.

Another insane Christmas beauty trend is the Christmas tattoo. Some people are getting their tattoos in unbelievable parts of their body.

If you think that any of these is insane then wait till we reveal the most insane Christmas beauty trend we have come across. The Christmas hair extension and the Christmas boob. Yeah you read that right as well.

We can talk about the hair extension as it looks creative nevertheless some people go as far as using the actual tree in making their hair. Oh these beauty trends!

As Christmas draws closer, we cannot wait to experience many more insane beauty trends and share them with you.