Textured manicures are the latest nail decoration trend, from matte finishes to full on beaded nails; textures are the way to go if you want to have the trendiest nails around. Since there are tons of different ways you can get texture onto your manicure we decided to give you our list of the top 3 ways to add a little extra to your nails.

Caviar Manicure

The caviar manicure looks just like the name would suggest, there are little caviar sized glass beads that are dusted on to your wet nails and dry onto your nail polish. This creates a wonderful 3d effect that is really stunning when applied properly. Of course you can always go to the salon and have them do the work for you. But you could also opt for a DIY version of this trend using a caviar manicure kit from nail care brands such as Ciate and Sephora. Once you’ve got your caviar manicure kit, we recommend reading the directions and looking up an online tutorial, the process can be a little tricky the first time so go slow and keep the nail polish remover nearby.

Velvet Manicure

This fabric inspired manicure is the newest in the group of textured manicures and we really love it. The trend first debuted on the catwalk at the Ruffian 2012 runway shows. Now this trend has expanded to celebrities and everyday fashionistas. Once again nail care brand Ciate offers a simple DIY velvet nail polish kit so that you can get this look without shelling out a small fortune at the nail salon.

Rubber Manicure

This category of texture is the most interesting one of them all, we started seeing an influx of rubberized fabric on the runway and now manicures are following suit. The rubber manicure commonly consists of a super bright nail color like neon green or hot pink that dries with a rubber like finish. Try Illamasqua’s Rubber Finish polish in one of their super fun and bold colors.