What’s sexier than a British accent? A British accent attached to a ripped British body. Fitness coach Joe Wicks shares his secrets on how to stay toned with at-home workouts for those who can’t fly out to attend his classes in the U.K.

Wicks firmly believes in short bursts of 30-second exercises followed by 20-second intermittent rests in order to push your body to its extremes and then allow for a quick recovery period. To get the best results, try these simple exercises:

Kettle Ball Swings
Grab whatever weight you feel comfortable with and hold it with two hands between your legs in a squatted position. Swing the ball up to your chest with arms straight out and hold it in place before releasing the hold and swinging it back through your legs.

Tricep Dips
Grab a chair and simply position yourself with your arms behind you, grasping the sides of the chair and have your feet stretched out onto your heels. Dip up and down, using the chair as leverage, in order to make your arms lean and strong.

Sit-Ups w/ Russian Twist
One of my personal favorites, this exercise puts a classic spin on a regular sit-up by adding a medicine ball into your arms. Each time you sit up, twist to tighten your obliques by tapping the medicine ball to both of your sides, then return to the original position by placing the medicine ball above your head with your arms stretched out.

Wicks also recommends solitary sprints, mountain climbers, and burpees that can be completed anywhere: from your living room to your backyard. Additionally, for those fitness enthusiasts looking to go the extra mile, try adding in battle ropes, treadmill sprints, and stair climbers at the gym to give your body that extra push.