Everyone loves to take beautiful photos, right? With just a few tweaks to your normal routine you can easily achieve beautiful pictures! Back in the olden days, if there was a bad photo of you, you could easily get rid of it. Nowadays, with everything being digital… it can be hard to erase a bad photo. Here are a few ways to really look your best during a photo shoot!

First off, you never want to look like a grease-ball in your photos. Stop shine by opting for matte makeup when taking pictures and don’t use bronzers or powders that are infused with shimmer. Always go for more soft natural looks to avoid flashback. A product called miracle blur by L’Oreal, instantly softens the look of lines and gives an overall flawless finish. All you have to do is apply under your makeup, and you can even use it as a touch up throughout the day.

Another big tip is to try not to show your hairline roots during photo shoots. Visible roots can easily distract from your smile and end up possibility ruining the photo. But you don’t have to spend hours in the salon getting a fix, Garnier created an at home nourishing color foam that refreshes your color without any drip.

And of course, you always want to look as alive as you can during photos. It’s very important that you hide dark circles to reduce your look of being tired. Always use cream products that are lighter than your regular makeup so that you’re under eyes are brighter!

Everything these days are noticeable when using a high-resolution camera. Always pay very close attention to the details. Even when it comes to your nails, always opt for a more natural color so that your nails aren’t the distraction of the photo.

Before taking a photo always make sure your hair is frizz free and your clothing is wrinkle free. Next time you take a photo, you can be sure that you look picture perfect!