(Photo Credit: Doug Inglish)

John Legend is officially the sexiest man alive

When he’s not busy producing, recording, writing, and singing chart-topping hits, John Legend is preoccupied with being sexy. Aren’t we all? Legend was named People’s most recent Sexiest Man Alive this past weekend and for once, we all seem to be in agreement.

While previous years winners have caused some controversy (mainly Blake Shelton… perhaps only Blake Shelton) no one can deny the well-deserved accolade for Legend. From his talent, charming personality, soothing voice, and #hotdad vibes, he checks all the boxes for a well-rounded extremely attractive man. Also considered for the award was Prince Harry, Zac Efron, and Jared Leto, but we think Legend is the perfect package for this achievement.

Announcing the news, Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to announce the achievement, which may have been equally exciting for her. So here’s to Legend; his bewitching looks, adventurous fashion, bountiful talent, adorable family, and so much more.