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VS under scrutiny for their idea of “inclusion”

Victoria’s Secret has faced years of scrutiny for lack of progressivism in their models, sizing, fashion shows, and even staff. While other brands have moved full-speed ahead embracing diverse advertisements to generate a diverse clientele that matches our diverse world, Victoria’s Secret has lagged behind, continuing to flaunt thin models with very little diversity. There most recent collaboration with BlueBella finally seemed like a step in the right direction, but it seems their misplaced efforts may have come up short.

The campaign is the most gender, ethnic, and size diversity in the brand’s history but many feel that the move is too little too late, and have some strong feelings regarding one of the models in particular. While is the move is a good thing, and a great step in the right direction, people are struggling with considering a size 14 model as “plus-size” and are upset that the collection only goes up to size XL. Some say that this lack of real effort is doing the bare minimum so the brand can appear progressive without jeopardizing their image.

The “plus-size” model, Ali Tate Cutler, has also been a point of criticism in the campaign. In a response to a blog post online, Cutler wrote “sorry, but I don’t care about people’s health who are fat, that’s their own prerogative and their life to lead. They are free to make their own choices.

I am a staunch feminist, followed by a close second environmentalist. While some people are genetically obese and are vegetarian, and eating relatively low carbon footprint foods, most obsess people are not.

The 2018 VS Fashion Show 

I do care about the excessive amounts of carbon, nitrous oxide, and methane gases it takes to produce a large person; the amount of animals that have been killed; the amount of exploitation that is going to create fat. That’s not even being mentioned.

Being obese is simply bad for the environment, and in this day and age, we cannot afford that lack of empathy anymore.” The statement was in reaction to an article titled “11 Reasons Your ‘Concern’ for Fat People’s Health Isn’t Helping Anyone”.

Her comment has led her to be labeled as a fat-shamer, and many feel she is not the best representative for such a monumental moment at VS. Amidst backlash, Victoria’s Secret has not addressed any commentary.