(Photo Source: YouTube – Jordyn Jones)

Young Star In The Making Reveals Pressures Of Stardom

Jordyn Jones may be a famous face you haven’t heard of, but that’s likely because she is yet another person who has become “insta-famous,” now racking in over five million followers due originally to her makeup tutorials, and now due to her work as an actress and singer.

Recently, Jordyn opened up to discuss some of the pressures that unexpected stardom has caused her to experience. One of those is the pressure to constantly be wearing makeup in photos due to her profession. In the video, Jordyn talks about her makeup removal routine that she follows each and every day, as well as how she feels about social media, makeup in general, and feeling beautiful.

She thinks that the expectation of wearing makeup in order to fulfill what she thinks her fans are looking for can be a bit stressful, and she feels the most beautiful when she is her “true self,” AKA before bed after she’s removed her makeup and feels the most like her natural self. She calls this her “true beauty.”