Jackie Aina, the American beauty YouTuber who strongly advocates for visibility of the African-Americans in the cosmetic industry share her morning routine with us. She is my favorite beauty YouTuber and I always look forward to her videos.

We all know the importance of a morning routine and why we really need to have one. The first thing she does is to drink water. Yes, we fail to understand how important water can be for our health and also for our skin. “Drinking water helps clear my head,” she said.

She kicks off her day with that face wash, making use of Olay Daily Wipes. I hope we all know that is never advisable to sleep with makeup on? If you’re still doing it stop it immediately!

Next, we should always use toner to prepare the skin for other products. Toners help the skin to accept other products and brings out their effectiveness.

Furthermore, Jackie uses a bottle of hyaluronic acid. What this wonder does is to help you balance your pH levels. She also mentioned that we shouldn’t forget to include our neck when applying skincare products, you massage them in.

Having said that, Jackie also mentioned that using a sheet mask to infuse more moisture is also a vital role in her morning routine. There are several masks for different jobs, so you should know what you are looking for and how it works for you. You may be thinking of a brighter skin, chemical exfoliation etc.

She also shared some tips on her slay wigs. You know it is no news that she’s a queen of wigs. “You should brush it while it is on your head” she mentioned.

She did mention the effective way to wear a lace front clip. You clip the hair in front backwards so that you can apply the wig glue and the wig glue should be applied in front of your natural baby hair so that you’ll avoid damage to the real hair.

Finally, when all is said and done you sit, tie down with a scarf and let it sit for a while.