Breaking out can feel like the end of the world. You are frustrated, upset and downright pissed all at the same time. Those blemishes might have you debating canceling plans for a few days. No one is downplaying how you feel – quite frankly, we can all relate – but you shouldn’t let your acne stop you from living your life.

That’s the message behind Kendall Jenner‘s latest tweet about the common skin issue. After one of her fans applauded her for stepping out on the Golden Globes red carpet with acne, she responded with inspiring advice we should all remember next time we are dealing with pimples. Jenner has been pretty open about her struggle with acne in the past, revealing what she does to fight the condition, her frustrations about it in general, and how it even impacted her self-esteem. It’s wonderful and empowering to see that Jenner isn’t allowing breakouts to take charge of her life or dictate what she does.

These are words of wisdom none of us should forget. “Never let that shit stop you!” she replied.