Fashion and Fall 2012

Style icons of fashion are rocking the menswear look at red carpet events. Why is this trend so unusual? The celebrities are female. Halle Berry and Winona Ryder, for example, have both been photographed in designer menswear-inspired suits.

The origins of the style trend can be traced back to Diane Keaton’s wardrobe in the 1977 comedy Annie Hall. As the title character, Keaton donned men’s vests, shirts, and ties. Forward to the year 2000, when Avril Lavigne burst onto the music scene. Recall that she was known for her ties and boyish look with female pizzazz added to the mix.

For fall 2012, the menswear look for women is back in a big way for women. The trend gives a feminine touch to traditionally masculine pieces. Key pieces are fitted blazers and ties.

Business Suits for Women

Well-tailored suits are at the center of the fall trend. The blazer is fitted to the female waist to accentuate her curves. Do not wear large suit jackets which are boxy and hide the shape of the body. Instead, show off female curves to create a flattering look. While menswear inspires the trend, it is tailored to the female figure.

A suit with simple, clean lines is best for women embracing the menswear trend. The darts of the blazers help women appear more petite at the hips.

Pair the blazer with a pair of high-waisted wide-legged pants. The flared pantsstyle carries through from spring/summer 2012. Another option is to wear a pencil skirt; the design is form-fitting yet professional for the office. Pair with heels for a dressy and feminine outfit based on a man’s clothing classic.

Shirts should be feminine blouses to provide balance to the outfit with the male inspiration. Choices for shirt fabric include lace and sheer fabric. A vest can be added as well if desired for a more layered look that is topped with a blazer.

For colour, fall 2012 sees neutrals such as caramels come into fashion while greys become less trendy. Mid-tones are also great; these colours include purples and oranges. Cotton blends, rayon, and polyester are traditionally great-fitting fabrics for suits and are work-appropriate.


Casual Suits

Casual suits are another fashion alternative. The outfits are appropriate for lunches out with friends and running errands. Be in style even when away from the office!

Keep the blazer or fitted jacket with blouse on top as donned for the business suit but switch up the type of pants for a more relaxed look. For example, wear a tan blazer and cream blouse with a pair of jeans. Choose the flared design that widens down the legs for the casual pants. This style of pant elongates the look of the woman’s legs.

Choose to pair the suit with high heels or boots. The heels on the shoes further lengthen the look of the legs.


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