Kendall Jenner Feels Left Out Of The Sexy Sister Circle

Kendall Jenner is known for many things: her celebrity, her famous family and their popular reality show, her father’s Olympic career and coming out. But it’s safe to say one of the things she is most well known for is her beauty.

Kendall’s modeling career is well known, with a career spending time with the likes of brands like Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret. She has walked in countless fashion shows and modeled in numerous ads, but Kendall wasn’t always confident about her looks–especially while surrounded by sisters who are equally beautiful.

In years past, the 23-year-old model has claimed she didn’t feel as “sexy” as her star-studded sisters. While she has a tall and slim build, her sisters are known for their fit, curvy physiques. The differences in their figures caused Kendall to experience low self-esteem due to the comparison.

Because of this feeling, she spent many of her teen years feeling as though she didn’t fit in. This is in addition to the differences between her and her siblings, as Kendall keeps her private life private, while her siblings are known for sharing every detail.

For more information on Kendall overcoming her insecurities, take a look at the video above.