(Photo Credit: Reebok)

What is considered a mom sneaker?

At the start of 2020, it may be time to retire those ultra-chunky white sneakers you’ve been wearing nonstop for the last two years. The dad sneaker trend, made famous by the off-duty looks of supermodels and celebrities, but the word “ugly” into high fashion in the most unexpected way.

With thick soles, thick laces, thick tongues…. The dad sneaker trend made larger-than-life shoes cool. And while we won’t be moving on from white sneakers for a long time, this particular style has run its course and is on its last lap (two sneaker jokes in one sentence? You didn’t ask for it, but we delivered).

Big Fila’s are going to be replaced by slightly-less chunky, sleeker white sneakers in 2020, so you can wear them styled the same ways without feeling like your rocking some Skechers Shapeups. Dubbed the mom sneaker (how cute is that?) this 2020 take on the dad sneaker is just slightly toned down.

Photo Credit: Sneaker District

Still offering a very ’90s vibe and still versatile enough to wear with a little black dress or joggers. Think Princess Diana in biker shorts and college hoodie, or Duchess Meghan Markle in jeans and a coat.

From sporty to classic, edgy to preppy, this thinned out version of the oh-so-popular 2018-2019 shoe trend will be the most popular trend in 2020. Go for a simple monotone Stan Smith Adidas shoe or a Nike Air Force for a more trainer-esque look, or plain white Keds to really tap into the suburban mom of the ’90s. Either way, you can’t go wrong.