(Photo Source: boutiqaat.com)

Haircare products to help reduce ocean waste

Efforts towards a more sustainable future are at the forefront of many companies marketing strategies and branding going forward. Not only is it ecologically important, but it has also become a major factor for many consumers when researching products and brands.

The beauty world is perhaps the most affected by heightened environmental responsibility, with sourcing, packaging, and ingredients impacted by the trend. To eliminate discarded plastic in packaging, haircare brand Kevin Murphy plans to package all materials in plastics found in the ocean.

Repurposing ocean-waste plastic will require about 360 tons of it each year to meet brand sales demands. The designs are sleek, minimalistic, and geometric, with aesthetically pleasing fonts and creative names.

As the brand gains more traction, and if sales do as well as projected, perhaps other brands take a note from the environmental decision.