Fashion legend Dior is responsible for popularizing the peplum fad in the 1940’s. The look was flirty, feminine and highlighted a woman’s waist in the most tasteful and playful fashion. The peplum style skipped past the fashion blunders of the 80’s and 90’s and has landed amongst the stylish trends of 2012. Peplums are now being worn by fashions elite and are seen on blazers, shirts, skirts, dresses and even swimwear. By original definition, a peplum is a frill attached to the waist, to add structured movement in order to showcase the hips. Initially, the idea of adding volume to the waist and hip area may seem instantly unflattering. However, when worn properly the peplum can accentuate the hips and create a very figure flattering, feminine and elegant look.

At the 2012 MTV awards, peplums were all the rage, seen on celebrities like Charlize Theron, Julianne Hough, Emma Stone and Emma Watson.  Theron, Hough and Watson played with pairing peplums and color, while Stone kept her black and white look sleek and architectural. Peplum dresses and suits are also a favorite of Kate Middleton, who often wears them to formal occasions to highlight her ultra-trim waistline. Notable designers, like Jason Wu and Vera Wang, are also putting the peplum look to good use on the runway in their 2012 collections.


Try The Trend Tips

A peplum can look extremely flattering; however it also has the capacity to add unwanted bulk. Following these tips will help you rock the peplum look, without worrying about volume in the wrong places.

Find out which peplum piece is most flattering on your figure.  A clingy dress with a puffy peplum may not look best on a fuller figure. However a fitted black blazer with a sleek peplum and a chic black pencil skirt will play up curves in a classic sexy way.  It is important to try on multiple types of peplum looks to decide which one is best suited for your body type.

When rocking the peplum style, wear shoes that elongate the legs. Avoid ankle boots or ankle strap shoes which cut the look of the legs and throw off the balance of the ensemble. Try pairing a shirt with a flirty peplum, tailored shorts and a simple high heeled shoe.  This look accents the hips and the legs while still looking casual and classy.