Reality show star Kim Kardashian West is known for her fashion and beauty routines; accented cheekbones, bling eyes, dewy foundation and glossed lips are few of the things she is associated with. For this holiday season, she reveals her makeup routine for this festive time. 

The video was shot in her bathroom, she starts by highlighting the importance of moisturizing, she said although she had moisturized early that day it was necessary that she moisturize again so her foundation could have an oily slip for application, she reaches for a dual angled brush but then she introduces us to her 12-year-old MAC Kabuki brush which she got in college.

She goes right in to makeup application by pressing a few pumps of her L’Oréal foundation on the back of her palm then mixes it with her dual angled brush. Then she spreads the foundation in a buffing and spreading method using the smaller edge of the brush for her eyelids and brows, she then uses the kabuki brush to spread the foundation better so it covers spots.

She uses the Anastasia brow pencil for her brows then goes on to use her concealer for under eye brightening, forehead, and sides of her lips. She spritzes her blender with a toner before using it to blend her concealer then pats a little foundation on her lips with the blender. She applies baking powder under her eyes.

Using her contour stick for her lips and forehead the trick here is that she blends her forehead, cheekbone and chin together all in a swipe. She smokes out her eyeshadow then adds glitter in the middle of the eyelid, rubs her powder, curls her lashes, then applies mascara.

She applies lipstick and lip-gloss to complete the final look. For more on how KKW keeps up with her beauty routine, check out the video above.