(Photo Credit: Kinship)

This beauty brand is all about clean beauty products

Direct-to-consumer products are one of the biggest movements in modern marketing. Removing the middle man eliminates an area of budget, which means more money can be allocated to the product itself.

For many beauty and fashion brands, this new-found budget has been reinvested in sustainability practices, an ever-increasing demand from clients. Taking this all in, beauty industry veterans Alison Haljun and Christin Powell have created a direct-to-consumer skincare line that focuses on sustainability and transparency, while remaining quality and affordable.

Haljun, the former president of marketing for Benefit Cosmetics, and Powell, co-founder of Juice Beauty, launched Kinship this week after months of product development. The products are all focused on purifying the skin’s microbiome which creates a more plump, young, and healthy look.

The products accomplish all the accolades of top-shelf beauty products while banning 1,300 questionable ingredients and keeping a moderate price tag. Ranging from $18 to $25 the products are perfect for any budget.

The line has five different products all focused on the microbiome—a gentle cleanser, exfoliating facial pads, a super hydrating moisturizer, an acne treatment, and sunscreen. All of the (adorable) packaging is also 100% recyclable and some of it is made from ocean waste.

As for new-age consumer demands, this brand checks all the boxes and delivers on quality at the same time. Not to mention, the products will look way too good on your bathroom counter, they almost double as décor.