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Iconic celebrity style secrets revealed

A woman’s sense of fashion is incredible! It must be. Women must know how to flaunt it the right way and grab their attention. It’s horrible for a woman to stand in front of a closet full of cloth and still have no idea about what should be worn for a dinner date (although this happens most of the time with all of us). We reveal some of the biggest celebrity style secrets so you’ve dressed amazingly for any occasion.

Keep the outfit in your head
If you have any event scheduled for the upcoming days, it is always better to have an outfit in your head. You must have a clear picture of what you want to wear and then begin with the next step. Now, once you have created the look in your head, think about what is the closest matching piece of cloth in your closet which you can mix and match and wear. If you get one in your closet, then voila! You are sorted for the event else visit a nearby store to buy the same outfit. If you don’t get time to visit a store, then take out a few minutes and check online and get it delivered at least a day before your scheduled event.

Shop in the right stores
Don’t go for buying clothes from any random store. Your outfit speaks for you. Your outfit must gel with your status, age and personality. You will not like people judging you wrong for your clothes, right? If you are a 20-year-old girl, you can pick light color dresses that go with your lofty nature. But if you are young women of 30, you simply can’t risk it. You need to have the right kind of outfit that goes with your swing. So, buy your dresses from the specialized store and buy what suits your personality the most. If you have time then you can visit different stores and analyze them before spending all your money in one place.

Combine basic items with the latest trends
The timeless basic never goes out of trend. You can combine them with almost anything. Try to make your wardrobe 70% basic and 30% trendy. Adding trends to your basics is the best way to stay updated. You need to add 2-3 trendy pieces every season and your work is done.

Have 3- 4 top options for each bottom
There’s a golden rule for your wardrobe, have as many top options possible for each of your skirts and pants. It’s the top item that allures the viewers. Changing the bottom won’t click in eyes but the other way round can do. This hack can help you save some cash. Now you don’t need to worry about buying expensive jeans or skirts whenever you buy a top.

Following styles trending on Instagram
One important thing that each one of you can easily do is follow Instagram celebrities, fashion influencers to get fashion tips. Watch their outfits and how it goes by their ambiance. Keep an eye on the details and see how they combine their top and bottom wear. The sense of fashion becomes fine with the basic understanding of color code and combination.