The Jenner sisters are incredibly popular as of late and Kylie has proved it by being on this month’s Teen Vogue cover. While she gives us more of insight of herself, we can’t get enough of her messy updo on the cover and re-creating it is a must. It looks perfect for those days when you just want your hair away from your face while still looking put-together.

Love the cover and want to try the look? Try out this tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need:
Sea salt spray
About 10 inches of elastic (or as long as your hair is)
Now you’ll need to follow these steps:
Step 1: Mist in sea salt spray all over your hair liberaly. Kylie’s hair was very textured and sea salt spray will help achieve that.
Step 2: Blow dry the hair. Hand tousling works best because you don’t want the hair to look perfectly slick or straight.
Step 3: Finger brush the hair back and create two french braids that start around the temple area. They don’t have to be perfect so don’t stress about hair getting caught in the braid or fly-aways. The braids should end around the middle back of the head because they’ll be incorportated into the bun.
Step 4: Secure the hair with the loose elastic. You can do this by holding the hair in your hand and placing one end of the elastic where your thumb is gripping the hair and then wrapping the elastic around. Loosely tie the hair together and create one big braid while incorporating the excess elastic into it.
Step 5: Scrunch the braid up by pulling the elastic back. Wrap the braid around itself and secure it with the remaining elastic.
Step 6: Give the hair that efforless look by pulling out some wispies, undoing the braid a bit, and playing with baby hairs in the front. Finish with hairspray.
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