Every girl out there at one point or another has had bangs and more likely than not didn’t love them. It’s a bold cut that gives you instant edge and makes you stand out from the crowd so naturally it can be a bit intimidating. Not to mention that if the cut was unflattering for your face shape, it probably made it look worse.

Getting bangs can be the best thing you do for your overall look if they’re cut according to your face shape. If you’re thinking of getting them cut, identify your face shape and see which of the following will suit your shape best:

Round face. Heavy and longer bangs will suit you more if your face is round. You want the face to appear less round so having that super straight line across the forehead won’t look very flattering. To take some volume away from the face, the sides need to be longer as it covers some of the temple and cheekbone areas.

Square face. This face shape can be tricky when it comes to bangs but it can definitely be done. When it comes to square faces it’s all about tricking the eyes into not seeing straight lines so textured or side bangs look the best. A blunt bang will make the face look even squarer so stay away from complete straight angles.

Heart face. Contrary to square faces, heart shapes benefit greatly from straight across cuts. This face shape tends to have wider foreheads so a long, straight cut helps take some length off. Choppy and side-swept bangs look just as great.

Long face. Taking length off of the face is the goal when getting bangs for this face shape so long, straight across blunt bangs are the best option here. By getting longer bangs you’re taking length off and the straight cut will make the face look a bit wider instead of longer.

Oval face. If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. This face shape can pull off every bang cut there is whether it’s long, straight, side-swept—you name it!

To see more of what cuts will flatter you face the most, check out the videos.
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