Lady Gaga channels a modern-day Marilyn Monroe with an ethereally white twist at the 2019 SAG Awards.

The “Star is Born” lead showcased the sleeveless low-cut dress with a thigh-high slit from Dior Haute Couture straight after its debut at the Paris Fashion Week’s runway last week. To complement the stunning white gown, Gaga also wore a pair of white pointed-toe heels, as well as an elegant matching 18-carat gold and diamond earrings and necklace with 16 carats of diamonds.

The jewelry comes from the Tiffany & Co. 2019 Tiffany Blue Book Collection and Gaga is the first person to wear them, alongside four other Tiffany T True bracelets. The singer and actress kept her hairstyle rather simple – just a plain white tight and neat low bun.

The only thing dark about her entire look is probably her dark makeup, but even that only managed to enhance her beauty. As simple as her looks go though, her style costs a whopping $750,000, mainly due to her out-of-the-ordinary jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

According to reports, Gaga declined all interviews before the SAG Awards in an effort to preserve her voice. She’s currently in the midst of two Las Vegas residencies, the Enigma and Lady Gaga Jazz and Piano. No wonder her red carpet ensembles are rarely just an afterthought!