(Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Tennis pro is a red carpet expert

Serena Williams is a tennis icon that is known not only for her moves on the court but also for the style and fashion that she brings to the game. And almost three decades later, Serena Williams is continuing to leave her style trademark and unique style on the game.

When Serena Williams first came on the tennis scene in the early 90s, the style and fashion of the game were almost non-existent. The uniform was the classic tennis pleats in white or black and for the most part, everyone looked the same. Enter her signature beaded braids that would become the first fashion statement that she would make and the beginning of a game-changing style that would shape the next three decades of tennis.

Her early tennis style introduced different colors and was quite fashionable (for athletic apparel). But in the early 2000’s she really made a statement with the wearing of a skin-tight black catsuit and Harry Winston bracelet.

From then on, the outfits became more unique and more Serena. With the changing of the tennis “dress code” for 2019, Serena has hinted that it won’t stop the style and fashion that she has always brought to the game.