Nancy Pelosi holds office as the minority leader of the House of Representatives and is also called the house fashion leader because of her savored taste for in-vogue fashion. Her chic Max Mara coat has gained limelight on social media since after putting it on for a meeting with President Donald Trump.

This has, however, caused so many tongues to wag and clamor for information on how the attire could be bought. Although this is the second time rocking this piece, she first wore it in 2013 when she attended the inaugural ceremony of the former president of the united states of America; Barrack Obama, it was barely noticed as the attire was enshrouded by a jacket from shoulder to bust.

The peculiar thing about her dressing that day that caught the interest of most people was the dark cat-eye sunglasses she wore to complement her outfit, giving some edge to her sense of style. Some Twitter users have claimed this attire to be a perfect fashion choice for mega occasions and have called for its re-issuance in 2019, of which the creative director of Max Mara who saw how that outfit aroused the affection of some many, promised to add it up in Max Mara collection in 2019.

He went on further to label Nancy Pelosi as someone who developed an emotional relationship with a coat like nothing else in her wardrobe.

Max Mara, however, is an Italian fashion business established in 1951 in Reggio Emilia Italy by Achille Maramotti and its known for its ostentatious elegant looking dresses, patronized mainly by elites of the society.

The Max Mara coat worn by Pelosi is called the Gladis. It is a boule-shaped coat with a stand-up collar which is very feminine. The coat features a soft texture with the shoulder giving it a befitting structure that was designed and manufactured in 2013.

The Glamis portray lasting values that project personal strength and grandeur. Gladis sells for $4,000 dollars and would be available in a variety of colors in 2019. So if you want to rock this chic coat like Nancy Pelosi you’ll have to save to pay a pretty penny for this look.