If you’re a lover of Pinterest, you’ve most likely seen a pin or 5 about dry brushing. It’s been everywhere from the internet to T.V. so it’s hard to miss. It’s supposed diminish the appearance of cellulite making your look and feel a lot smoother. Considering we don’t, ahem, exercise as much as we’d like to nor eat as healthy (we blame the cookies), dry brushing seems to be a lifesaver for our thighs.

So how does dry brushing work, you ask? We’ve got 411 on dry brushing if this is something you’d be interested in trying.


How it works. When you dry brush, your body’s circulation and lymphatic systems are stimulated therefore promoting better blood flow. Better blood flow means that nutrients, waste, and water can better move through the body and be expelled through the skin and helps your kidneys to not work as much.

What you need. On your endless trip to the pharmacy, we’re sure you’ve been to the bath necessities aisles. There you can find brushes that are around the ssize of your hand, with a long handle usually made of wood. Those brushes are perfect for dry brushing and equally inexpensive. Just make sure it’s natural with stiff bristles.

How to dry brush. Start from the ankles and work your way up. From your ankles all the way up to your derriere, brush upwards. For your arms, brush as if you were sending the blood towards your heart. The lymph naturally circulates towards the heart so dry brushing should be the same. As for your tummy and back, brush upwards as well.

When to dry brush. Typically this should be done in the morning before you shower but doing it at night is ok too.

(Cover image: HealingScents.net)