(Photo: gaytimes.co.uk)

Lil Nas X reveals latest fashion collaboration

Lil Nas X is a model and partner for the upcoming Christian Cowan spring collection to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with its upcoming campaign. The rapper is known for his hit single “Old Town Road” and is quickly gaining a name for himself in the fashion industry.

Lil Nas X walks the red carpet with style and met Cowan last year while working together for the 2019 VMAs which was his first major red carpet event he attended. Lil Nas wanted to use this collaboration as a chance to bring awareness and support to the black LGBTQ+ community of his hometown in Atlanta.

Lil Nas goes into detail about the struggles of the LGBTQ+ communities including attacks and hate crimes. Lil Nas also wants to support Black trans women as the Pride movement was started by a trans Black woman.

Lil Nas says that all the proceeds from this collection will be benefiting Atlanta’s Black LGBTQ+ youth with a fund through the Loveland Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit launched in 2018 to help provide therapy and support for Black girls and women.

The spring collection celebrates the punk and queer movements from the 1970s featuring spikes, glitter, and more. Cowan explains the 1970s was a decade that queers and punks were often funneled into the same nightclub venues because no other venues would book them.

This venue booking issue resulted in two communities influencing each other and this is also a great way to describe the new spring collection. The collection features pieces including punk graphic tees, glamourous ball gowns, shredded denim, and more.

This collection also featured gender fluid pieces that can be worn by anyone including a daring black, strapless latex-style gown featuring a tiered skirt. This collection also featured pieces that can be seen in punk or queer venues, which shows the collaboration of the two lifestyles.

The campaign for the collection features LGBTQ+ icons including Amanda Lapore, drag legend Violet Chachki, and more. This unique collaboration is sure to rock the runway for Spring 2021.