(Photo Credit: Wrangler)

“Old Town Road” Meets Wranglers

Lil Nas X quickly jumped into the spotlight, seemingly out of nowhere, with his Billboard hit “Old Town Road,” a unique collaboration between Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X. And upon his success, it seems many opportunities have become available to him.

After wrapping the now infamous, “Cowboy hat from Gucci/Wrangler on my booty/Can’t nobody tell me nothin’” line, Lil Nas X released a collaborated set of Wrangler jeans designs with the popular name brand denim. And as quickly as the collection was released, it caught heat from consumers.

Many people have stated that people are upset due to racism because of the brand pairing with the 20-year-old Atlanta rapper, but regardless of their stance, Wranglers have stood by their decision. When complaints hit their Instagram posts, they have responded with statements like, “We do appreciate your feedback. Since 1947, we’ve offered jeans for a variety of wearers and wearing occasions. Our western heritage and offering quality product for all wearers will always be the very heart of our brand.” Lil Nas X’s responses have been tweets like, “y’all really boycotting wrangler?? is it that deep.”