Christian Dior is a timeless, classic French fashion house with a lineage that can be compared to Chanel. Since the 1940’s Dior has made a name in fashion and is now being honored in the UK as one of biggest fashion influences of the 20th century.

Dior staked their claim in the world of fashion by straying from the common boxy designs that were popular at the time, and creating daring form-fitting designs that made Dior an icon. London’s Victoria & Albert museum is celebrating Dior with a massive exhibit featuring over 200 couture gowns and more.

The exhibit is a retrospective of the last 70 years of the iconic French fashion icon entitled “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams”. The new exhibit is an expansion from the 2018 exhibition at the Paris Musee des Art Decoratifs called “Christain Dior: Couturier du Reve” offering double the amount of outfits with fabulous accessories.

The new exhibit is a walk through of the beginning of Dior including the work of successors including Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano, Rafe Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri. The collection includes some iconic pieces worn by glamorous celebrities and fashionable members of the royal family.

The collection includes a gown worn by Princess Margaret for her 21st birthday and another gown that uses real gold for embellishments. Christian Dior’s legacy follows the 10 years he served as the designer for Dior until his death, sealing his legacy for creating the aesthetic for couture French fashion.

Though he only was in the fashion industry as an icon for 10 years, many knew that his legacy and linage would carry on strong. Dior’s successors took his legacy and carried the brand forward by keeping true to the tradition of Dior’s aesthetic for a modern version of his style.

The one successor that transformed Dior into a symbol of drama and excess was John Galliano, bringing pops of brighter colors to couture. Galliano’s designs are true works of art and visionary to the classic French designs. His designs incorporated beautiful colors, creating forms that are truly unique in every way.

As Chanel made tweed infamous with their brand, Dior used flowers as their trademark for a feminine touch to all their designs. The current designer for Dior utilizes floral prints, patterns, and embellishments for her fairy tale creations.

One thing is for sure: that in an ever-evolving world of style, Dior maintains their iconic image through upholding classic design aesthetics in modern designs.

For more on the new Dior exhibit in London, check out the video above.